WWDC: Just the Data

by June 11, 2012

Every time Apple holds an event, they share a lot of data about devices sales, software adoption, and more. Some of it just illustrates how well the company is doing, but other bits shed light on bigger technology trends. So here's just the data from the WWDC keynote in June 2012.

  • Apple's App Store has 400m accounts with credit cards and quick-buying. This is the store with the largest number of credit cards on file anywhere in the world. (source)
  • There are over 650,000 apps in the Apple App store. 225,000 for the iPad. (source)
  • Customers have downloaded over 30 billion apps from the Apple App Store. (source)
  • Apple has paid out over $5 billion dollars to app developers. (source)
  • The Apple App Store store operates in 120 countries around the world. Apple added an additional 32 countries today. (source)
  • Apple sold 40million copies of their latest operating system (Lion). Over 40% of OSX moved to Lion in just 9 months. (source)
  • There are over 125 million iCloud users. (source)
  • Apple sold over 365million iOs devices through March 2012. (source)
  • 80% of iOS users are on the latest OS: version 5. (source)
  • Apple's messaging service, iMessage, has 14million users and 1 billion messages sent per day. A total of 150 billion messages have been sent using iMessage to date. (source)
  • Twitter has seen 3x growth increase on iOS. 10 billion tweets sent from iOS. (source)
  • 47% of all photos posted to Twitter's image service come from iOS. (source)
  • Apple's Game Center has 13million accounts. 5 billion scores are posted to Game Center per week. (source)
  • About two thirds of all mobile traffic comes from Safari in iOS (source)

From Previous Events

Just the data from previous Apple events so you can see the growth, and changes in the numbers the company talks about.