Data Monday: iOS7 Adoption Rates

by September 23, 2013

Apple's newest mobile operating system, iOS7 was released last week and unsurprisingly been quickly adopted. But just how quickly may surprise you.

  • Less than 24 hours after Apple released iOS 7 it was installed on 18% of iOS devices. (source)
  • iOS 6 adoption was 15% 24 hours after release. iOS 5 took five days to reach 20% adoption. (source)
  • The number of iOS devices running iOS 7 surpassed the number running iOS 6 after only three days. (source)
  • Over the weekend, 6.3 million download of iOS7 happened per hour. At 1.2 gigabytes per iPhone download (1.3GB for iPad) that's nearly 2.2 terabytes per second. (source)
  • Today Apple said iOS7 is on 200 million iOS devices, making it the fastest Software upgrade in history. (source)
  • Android Jelly Bean which, 14 months old now, is only showing a 45% share of the Android operating system world. (source)

If you updated to iOS7, what do you think of the change? Have your say below: