IDEA09: If You Build It (Using Social Media), They Will Come

by September 18, 2009

Mari Luangrath's If You Build It (Using Social Media), They Will Come talk at IDEA09 showcased how her company, Foiled Cupcakes, used social media to grow substantially beyond their financial expectations.

  • Foiled Cupcakes has no storefront. They primarily used social media to drive business. $38 dollars to deliver gourmet cupcakes to anywhere in Chicago; 20 different flavors made each day.
  • Focused business values on being real, personable, and approachable
  • Do business through Web site, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and iContact.
  • Projected 140 dozen sold. Actually sold 594 dozen (through social media)
  • For one cupcake order –contact customer 4 to 6 times. 2 calls to confirm, thank you note, and follow-up call.
  • Free press: gathered through social media. Connecting with them at networking events. Made connections by reaching out and talking about social media
  • Facebook is to connect with people you know and Twitter is for connecting with people you don’t know.
  • Goal is to engage with customers. Result is voluntary & organic buzz
  • Kick-off contests on Twitter to drive conversations, and learn more about customers (demographics, rolodex).
  • Join admin groups on LinkedIn to make connections with administrators at companies and drive more business.
  • Need to meet people in real life after meeting in social media. Social media was a catalyst for the business but meeting people face to face helped to drive business.
  • Try to make an experience for customers that is memorable.