MTV's Responsive Design Boosts Metrics on Mobile & Beyond

by January 12, 2015

The Web team at MTV recently redesigned several of their properties using responsive Web design techniques. They were kind enough to share the impact their work had on mobile visits, time spent and more.

MTV Shows Redesign

The responsive redesign of MTV's show pages had a tremendous impact on mobile engagement.

MTV Shows Redesign stats

  • +92% mobile visits
  • +55% mobile page views per visit
  • +297% mobile time spent per visit
  • -11% exit rates (across all devices)
  • +246% social referrals

Certain data points, when broken down to the device level, indicated that tablets and desktops were more alike in user behavior than mobile and tablet (especially in video viewing).

MTV News Redesign

The responsive redesign of MTV's news site had a big impact across all devices.

MTV News Redesign stats

  • +565% social referrals
  • +151% site visits
  • +137% time spent on site

An average MTV users checks their phone over 150x per day and a large portion of time spent is on their social feeds. The social referrals above are a strong indicator that responsive web design helped the team morph their editorial products from a search to a social centered experience.

Interested in More?

The MTV team is continuing to invest in responsive design for their digital properties. They're currently hiring designers, product managers, and engineers to take things to the next level.Check out their site to learn more...