Data Monday: Impact of Responsive Designs

by February 25, 2013

As people continue to use an ever increasing number of devices to get online, there's no shortage of companies exploring multi-device solutions for the Web. Some are even sharing data about the impact of their new responsive designs and the numbers look good enough to get even more organizations on board.

Time Inc. Responsive Redesign

  • Pages per visit, across mobile, tablet and desktop are up considerably. (source)
  • Mobile is up 23% compared to what it had been. (source)
  • Homepage uniques are up 15%, and time spent is up 7.5%. (source)
  • The mobile bounce rate decreased by 26%. (source)

O’Neill Clothing Responsive Redesign

  • 65.7% conversion rate increase on iPhone/iPod (source)
  • 101.2% revenue growth on iPhone/iPod (source)
  • 407.3% conversion rate increase on Android devices (source)
  • 591.4% revenue growth on Android devices (source)
  • 20.3% conversion rate increase on non-mobile devices (source)
  • 41.1% revenue growth on non-mobile devices (source)

Skinny Ties Responsive Redesign

  • 42% revenue growth on all devices (source)
  • 13.6% conversion rate increase (source)
  • 377.6% revenue growth on iPhone (source)
  • 71.9% conversion rate increase on iPhone (source)
  • 44.6% increase in duration (source)
  • 23.3% lower bounce rate (source)

Fathead Responsive Redesign

  • 90% improvement in mobile conversions YOY. (source)
  • Revenue per visitor increased more than 70%, and mobile revenue increased more than 538% YOY. (source)
  • The responsive site is credited with a 275% increase in mobile traffic YOY. (source)
  • On the non-phone side, conversion rates increased 17% and revenue increased 25%. (source)

Bonnier Tidskrifter Responsive Redesign

  • Increase in revenues of 160% (source)
  • Increase of over 44% in ad views (source)
  • Reading of articles increased by 140% (source)

Regent College Responsive Redesign

  • 99% increase in unique visitors (source)
  • 77% increase pageviews (source)
  • 63% increase in online applications (source)

Wait... that's only four sources of data? Sadly, I don't have other public numbers right now as most organizations don't share their data. If you've had success with a responsive design, my plea to you is to please share what you've learned. The more we can learn from each other, the better we can all get.