Upcoming Workshops: Designing for Mobile & Beyond

by June 12, 2012

An Event Apart 2012At the An Event Apart conferences in Boston, Austin, Chicago, and San Francisco this year, I'll be presenting a full day seminar on Designing for Mobile & Beyond. In it I'll detail how Web design teams can create a solid mobile foundation and expand it into an effective multi-device experience for the Web. I'll go into depth on design considerations and best practices for organization/IA, inputs, actions, layout, and more.

Official Description

Gone are the days when the Web was contained in our desktop and laptop computers. Today it flows through a sea of unique devices each with their own opportunities and limitations. Leading this shift are mobile computers whose numbers are growing at an astonishing pace and becoming many people's first (and sometimes only) way of getting online. Designing for this reality requires new ways of thinking and getting things done.

In this full day session, Luke Wroblewski (author of Mobile First) will walk you through detailed explanations, examples, and design best practices that will shift your thinking about Web site organization, layout, input, and more. You'll learn how to:

  • Think strategically about mobile Web and native mobile application decisions
  • Organize your Web sites and applications to deliver immediate value on mobile devices and beyond
  • Optimize navigation systems and menus for mobile devices and adapt them to a variety of screens
  • Create layouts that take mobile's unique capabilities and constraints into account without compromising large screen designs
  • Understand the difference and decide between responsive web design, RESS, and device experience solutions for multi-device Web design
  • Make touch interactions usable and discoverable without onerous intro tours and explanations
  • And much more!

After this concentrated deep dive into mobile and multi-device Web design, you'll be armed with the best practices and principles you need to deliver a great experience for your audience no matter what device(s) they're on!

Hope to see some of you there!