Audio: Mobile First, Inputs, and Beyond

by March 13, 2012

When it rains, it pours... podcasts that is. This month I had the pleasure of being interviewed by several great folks on a variety of mobile-related topics. Here's a run-down in case you've got an interest in mobile and a commute to work.

Internet in Your Pocket

On The Web Ahead, host Jen Simmons and I discuss the broad implications of mobile Internet access on our lives and the opportunities it creates. I also do my best to illustrate the tremendous value anyone designing or developing software has. Hope I made sense!

Examining Mobile User Input

On User Interface Engineering's SpoolCast, Jared Spool and I discuss how new forms of input have historically disrupted existing technology markets and how mobile devices are doing so once again. We also discuss ways to design for these new forms of input and how to test/learn from customers.

Mobile First for Web Developers

On The SitePoint Podcast, host Louis Simoneau quizzed me about the Mobile First design approach and the reasons I've been advocating it. If you're curious about designing for mobile up front, I tried to distill things into a concise overview in this high-signal interview.

Why Startups should Think about Mobile First

On the Dorm Room Tycoon podcast, host William Channer and I talk about how startups can take advantage of the mobile opportunity. We also touch on a number of key points from my Mobile First book.

Big thanks to these folks for having me on their shows. Each one has a unique style and area of interest that made doing them all a blast. I really appreciate the time and effort they put in to making these recordings. And thanks to you all for listening!