Data Monday: Mobile OS Integration

by October 31, 2011

Getting your application into a mobile operating system's app store gives it the opportunity to sit on equal footing with core OS features like email, the call log, and the Web browser. But integrating with the operating system itself is an even bigger opportunity as recent data shows.

  • Micro-publishing service, Twitter has seen sign-ups increase 3x as a result of their recent iOS 5 integration. (source)
  • Twitter's iOS 5 integration allows you to publish to Twitter directly from Apple apps like Camera, Maps, Photos, Safari and YouTube, and within third party apps, as well. (source)
  • Apple's Newsstand organizes magazine and newspaper app subscriptions in one un-removable, default installed folder. There’s also a new place on the App Store just for subscriptions integrated in the Newsstand app. Previously every magazine and newspaper was a separate application. (source)
  • After Newsstand integration, subscriptions across titles like GQ and The New Yorker climbed 268 percent. Single issues reaped their own rewards and spiked 142 percent. (source)
  • After Newsstand integration, Exact Editions, which says it made about 10 percent of the Newsstand app titles on iTunes Store, says downloads of freemium sample editions jumped by 14x in just a few days, whilst some titles’ actual sales have more than doubled. (source)
  • After Newsstand integration, consumer magazine publisher Future sold more digital editions in the past four days through Apple’s Newsstand than in a normal month. Sales more than doubled the normal daily sales rate. (source)