Organizing Mobile Web Experiences

by May 15, 2013

Organizing Mobile Web Experiences


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The things that make mobile devices unique have a big impact on how we can organize and guide people through the content of our Web experiences. Just making a desktop-based design tiny won’t cut it. Moving your web site to the mobile web makes you step back and rethink.

From the reasons why people pull out a mobile device to how we can lay out navigation options on small screens, Luke will detail mobile design thinking and solutions that will help you organize your Web sites and apps. You’ll see how to make your design remain future friendly as Luke shows you what’s coming next.

See what the web is uniquely good at and how to adjust your site’s content accordingly. You’ll explore the best way to place navigational elements, to ensure your design has great clarity and retains your users’ focus on their tasks. Luke will explore new techniques, such as responsive web design, for handling multi-device layout.

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