Designing for Today's Web 2010

by September 21, 2011

Designing for Today's Web 2010



In the most recent incarnation of my Designing for Today's Web, I outline several important Internet trends and the impact they have on Web application design. Including: explosive mobile Web growth, increasing numbers of connected devices, and readily available social Web services that provide access to people's identities and relationships.

Mobile: The explosive growth of the mobile Web provides you the opportunity to re-contextualize your data and interactions through mobile use cases. This means moving away from content pages and site maps AND focusing on real world uses that take advantage of people's current position in the world and the things around them.

Everywhere: But the Web is headed to more places than just your pocket: TVs, Cars, Appliances, e-readers, and more are connecting to the Web at an increasing pace. In order to take advantage of this opportunity, think about where your service makes sense and integrate in ways that focus on your application's core value.

Real Relationships: Thanks to increasingly available Web services, the things we’ve done online can now be used across multiple Web products. Today, the most interesting information available to Web applications is our identities and connections. Over time that should expand to our interests, tastes, and more. Access to this kind of information can create great new product experiences like instant start-up with relevant content and people and drive increased engagement through real relationships.

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