Web Application Solutions: A Designer’s Guide

by June 28, 2005

Web Application Solutions: A Designer’s Guide


The fundamental purpose of Web applications is to facilitate the completion of one or more tasks. But depending on the type and complexity of the tasks involved, different technical solutions may be better suited to enable the specific interactions each product requires. Flash, Java applets, DHTML, Active X, Smart Clients, Java Web Start, SVG —what do you choose and why? What types of interactivity and visual presentation does each technology enable? What does each limit?

Luke will walk us through an evaluation of some of the most popular Web application presentation layer solutions available today. He'll compare each solution through consistent criteria (deployment & reach, user interactions, processing, interface components & customization, back-end integration, future proofing, staffing & cost, unique features) and provide an overview, set of examples, and references for each.

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