Visual Communication for the Web

by February 24, 2009

Visual Communication for the Web


When people interact with a Web site, they are relying on its visual presentation to tell them what the site has to offer, and how they can make use of it. As a result, the more emphasis a site places on communicating visually, the easier it is for people to understand and use it. In this workshop, Luke will outline the way people naturally scan Web pages, and explain how you can guide users through key content and actions using visual communication to construct meaningful, prioritized page layouts.

You'll be taken through several before and after examples with explanations of how a page's content was prioritized, why, and how that priority is being communicated to users so they don't need to rely on chance to use your Web application. Over this session, you will learn:

  • How a site's visual design is responsible for effectively supporting its information architecture, interaction design, and business goals. Luke will also demonstrate how the best visual presentations communicate the possibilities, limitations, and state of interactions.
  • How to prioritize key content and actions through visual communication. When a potential customer makes it to one of your Web application's pages, what will they do? Do you want them to sign up, contribute their knowledge, make a purchase, dive deeper into your content? Learn how visual design can help.
  • How to communicate visual design concepts to your team of visual designers, web developers, user experience professionals, and business stakeholders. Many conversations about visual design quickly spiral into subjective discussions. You will learn how to articulate your rationale behind visual design choices and communicate your design choices effectively.
  • The underlying visual organization principles of great designs. Luke will demonstrate how you can create a visual organization that effectively uses hierarchical and visual relationships to communicate concepts to users.

Through a series of presentations and interactive discussions, Luke will teach you the core visual design principles that will help your site succeed.

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