The Shifting Role of Design

by July 11, 2007

The Shifting Role of Design



In an increasing number of companies, the role of design is changing dramatically from mere styling to a core ingredient of product strategy and innovation. But what's behind this shift? Why are designers who were previously asked just to "make things pretty" being invited to the corporate strategy table? This talk will examine the impact recent technology and market changes have had on the role of design within modern companies. Luke Wroblewski will discuss:

  • the decreasing gap between ideas and their implementation
  • the increasing rate of commoditization that that are driven by shorter product lifecycles and cheaper manufacturing
  • the always on availability of massive data sources
  • the growing ability of consumers to absorb and enjoy increasingly complex media and user interfaces

Designers of all types can use this knowledge to communicate the value of design skills, methodologies, and deliverables to both clients and stakeholders. In other words, this presentation provides an explanation of why design matters more now than ever.

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