iPad User Experience Guidelines

by February 2, 2010

Apple's Human Interface Guidelines for the iPad outline how to create user interfaces optimized for the iPad device. According to Apple, the best iPad applications: downplay application UI so that the focus is on content; present content in beautiful, often realistic ways; and take full advantage of device capabilities to enable enhanced interaction.

The iPad user experience guidelines are © 2010 Apple Inc.

  • Support All Orientations
  • Enhance Interactivity (Don’t Just Add Features)
  • Flatten Your Information Hierarchy
  • Reduce Full-Screen Transitions
  • Enable Collaboration and Connectedness
  • Add Physicality and Heightened Realism
  • Delight People with Stunning Graphics
  • De-emphasize User Interface Controls
  • Minimize Modality
  • Rethink Your Lists
  • Consider Multifinger Gestures
  • Consider Popovers for Some Modal Tasks
  • Restrict Complexity in Modal Tasks
  • Downplay File-Handling Operations
  • Ask People to Save Only When Necessary
  • Start Instantly
  • Always Be Prepared to Stop

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Details on these guidelines and further information on developing for the iPad can be found in Apple's Human Interface Guidelines for the iPad