Data Monday: Mobile Spending

by January 18, 2010

As the growth of mobile Internet access continues, here's a few recent data points on mobile spending:

  • U.S. cell phone users contributed about $4 million in 3 days to the Red Cross in $10 increments, by far the largest outpouring of support via mobile devices in history. (source)
  • On Avatar’s opening weekend, almost 10% of all ticket sales were via mobile. (source)
  • Users purchased 1.5 million eBay items from either the eBay mobile website or the company’s iPhone application over the recent holiday season. That’s three times the amount sold during the same period last year. (source)
  • Overall, eBay says the site’s mobile transactions added up to half a billion dollars in 2009. (source)
  • Each Apple app store user spends an average of $4.78 on apps every month. With over 58 million users, 250 million apps were downloaded in December 2009 totaling $250 million in revenues. (source)
  • The average listed price of an iPhone app is $2.70. One quarter of all downloaded apps are paid. (source)