Concept Videos of Media Tablet Experiences

by December 24, 2009

A holiday treat! Visions of sugar-plum Apple tablet fairies sprinkling salvation for media companies of yore...

Regardless of whether you believe concept designs are counter-productive or a great way to work, it's been interesting to see how the ongoing speculation about a forthcoming Apple tablet has driven several companies to explore the future of digital media. Specifically digital magazines:

Time Inc. released a video demo of their Sports Illustrated magazine designed for a touchscreen tablet. However, the entire concept might be too rooted in how physical magazines are constructed and designed today.

The Bonnier Group, a Swedish media company, released a concept aimed at capturing the essence of magazine reading (an engaging and unique reading experience in which high-quality writing and stunning imagery build up immersive stories) while allowing you to "flick, drag and scroll" words and images in thin air.

Wired’s parent company Condé Nast displayed a concept video of Wired’s “iTablet” at a promotional event in New York. While most of the demo is simple pagination and orientation changes (landscape to portrait mode), an animated interactive graphic appears around the 30-second mark. This provides a glimpse into how digital devices could turn news into an application people can interact with.

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