Data Monday: More Facebook Stats

by November 30, 2009

Following up on a post from September, updated numbers on Facebook's usage and growth:

  • Facebook has 40 million updates a day, on average, from its 300 million-plus audience. (source)
  • In May of 2008, the median age for Facebook was 26. Today, it's 33. (source)
  • Users spend 8 billion minutes online everyday using Facebook. (source)
  • There are some 2 billion pieces of content shared every week on the service. (source)
  • Users upload 2 billion photos each month. (source)
  • There are over 20 billion photos now on Facebook. (source)
  • During peak times, Facebook serves 1.2 million photos a second. (source)
  • In a day, Facebook serves 5 billion API calls. (source)
  • 40% of users have "friended" brands on Facebook. (source)
  • While nearly 80% of people still access "traditional news web sites," 33% get news from Facebook. (source)
  • 2 million Xbox Live users logged into Facebook on their game console, in the first 24 hours of availability. (source)