Social Apps in Networked Consumer Device Platforms

by August 5, 2009

We're beginning to see more networked consumer device platforms start integrating Web services. Social networking services seem to be first on the list because of their high engagement (frequent check-in behavior) and open development platforms.

Facebook & Twitter on the Xbox 360

Facebook & Twitter on the Xbox 360

Twitter and Facebook will be added to the Xbox 360's list of web services. Microsoft's Facebook implementation on the Xbox 360 looks to offer much of what's available via a regular web browser: status updates, photo sharing, email and more. The interface follows the established New Xbox Experience format, with Avatars integrated into profile and news feed menus. What's new is the option to save screen shots from Xbox 360 games, then let players upload those game moments via Facebook Connect to show off online. The first game to support that option will be EA Sport's Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10.

Xbox 360's version of Twitter looks very much like the Web interface, letting Xbox 360 owners update their personal status from the dashboard and favorite tweets. - Facebook, Twitter Coming To Xbox 360

Microsoft has sold 22.7 million Xbox 360 games consoles worldwide.

Facebook & Twitter on the Fios TV service

Facebook & Twitter on the Fios TV service

Verizon Communications is about to open up its new Widget Bazaar to third-party developers to create an "app store" for its Fios TV service. The first two applications created for the new Widget Bazaar were for the social-networking applications, Twitter and Facebook. When the widgets launched, Fios TV subscribers were only able to read and access only basic information through the Twitter and Facebook services. But as of this past weekend, users are now able to post updates both on Twitter and Facebook. - Verizon readies Fios TV app store

Verizon's Fios TV service has a total of 2.5 million subscribers.

Facebook on the Nintendo DS

Facebook on the Nintendo DSi

Nintendo announced Facebook Connect integration which allows people to share photos from their Nintendo DSi. Photos stored in the system’s camera album can be shared on the user’s Facebook profile by simply tapping on the Facebook icon. Previously, the only way to move photos from the DSi to another platform was by copying them to an SD card, this application capitalizes on the handheld's Wi-Fi connectivity. -DSi's Facebook Experience

Nintendo has sold 54.4 million Nintendo DS gaming consoles worldwide and more than 1.7 million Nintendo DSi (the latest version) units in the United States.