The App Model

by July 27, 2009

In Mobile Apps vs. Web Apps, I pointed out how mobile applications provide a compelling platform for developers and consumers. As the number of mobile Internet users continues to grow (Comscore reports the number doubled in 2008), more people will use apps to access online services. Seeking Alpha tells a similar story:

"We are witnessing a transition in the way the Internet is used. Mobile content requires a tailor made user experience that is not efficiently delivered by the traditional website model. Although we have grown accustomed to navigating the Web by browsing websites on our PC, consumers are showing an affinity for the App Store model. Mobile Apps are designed for usability and the 1.5 billion downloads thus far from Appleā€™s App Store clearly demonstrate a user experience in high demand. Steve Jobs has mentioned that he has never seen anything like success of the App Store in his career. The trend is in place that shows consumers will desire an app rather than visit a website. Perhaps we will one day see that apps are more popular than actual websites."