Web Form Design: Recent Reviews

by January 23, 2009

A few recent reviews of my new book, Web Form Design:

"Luke shares his secrets in this book, which should be required reading for every graphic designer, project manager, interaction designer, or usability researcher who might ever work on a Web form. Web Form Design is that rare book capable of transforming the way an entire field does its business. " -Communication Arts

"Luke Wroblewski has written on of the best books on user experience and web usability that I have read for some time. It deserves a place on every user experience or web designer’s bookshelf." -The Designer's Review of Books

"I highly recommend this book for both new and veteran web designers. It will help you to think more strategically about web forms, which will make them more successful. Your clients and their customers will benefit from your newfound knowledge and you'll feel like a genius."-Viget Labs

"Luke's book is a must-read for all of us who design web forms -- it will help you become successful at increasing completion rates and user satisfaction while decreasing completion times and errors." -OJC Technologies

"Usability and design guru Luke Wroblewski knows that web forms suck. More importantly, he knows why - and how to make them suck less. His persuasive mixture of case studies, existing research and newly commissioned usability studies helped shed light on the patterns and anti-patterns that determine whether users successfully complete your forms or give up in disgust." -Agile Ajax

"The book covers every aspect of form design such as form organization, labels naming and alignment, input fields usage and my favorite, help text. When you finish reading this book you’ll look at every form, designed by you or not, from another perspective." -Fucinaweb