SxSW 2008: A General Theory of Creative Relativity

by March 10, 2008

Jim Coudal’s A General Theory of Creative Relativity talk at SxSW 2008 walked through some of the frameworks behind creative idea generation and business.

  • What makes a creative event happen? The power to create associations between known and unknown over “like” to the third power.
  • 1) Known & Unknown (variable): Finding the association between these is the essence of the creative act.
  • 2) Ignition: the amplification of finding this association comes from inside. Through innate enthusiasm and curiosity, creative people search for the association between known & unknown. They live for the moment where they make this association.
  • They need a well-trained short attention span.
  • Limits allow you to figure out how make decisions.
  • 3) Communication: how do creative people explain the associations between known and unknown.
  • “Like” as metaphor –this thing is “like” this thing. Explain something new with something known.
  • “Like” as summary – an executive overview.
  • “Like” as judgment –providing a point of view. Expressing taste or style.