Post-It organization goes digital

by June 3, 2004

When faced with a challenging information organization project, I’ve often found it beneficial to pull out a pad of Post-It notes and do some physical information architecture.

This method supports a huge range of applications. Most recently, I’ve used it for managing icon abundance, rationalizing marketing segments, and finalizing the content in a global style guide. Now two new technologies may soon converge to digitize this process. The first is a Microsoft Office 2003 application called OneNote.

“OneNote 2003 combines the freedom and flexibility of paper notes with the efficiency and power of digital organizational tools. Take notes anywhere on the page and put information wherever you want. You can move your cursor to any place on the screen and start typing.”

The second is a table-format touch screen that was on display at Wired’s Next Fest this year. It allows people seated around the display (about the size of a small table) to move elements (drag and drop) with their fingers. Combine the software (OneNote) and hardware (the table) and information organization becomes effective, digital, and fun.