Keynote: Designing for Web 2.0

by October 17, 2007

This Monday I gave the opening keynote at Yggdrasil 2007, Norway’s premier user experience and usability conference in Lillehammer, Norway. In my talk I outlined several trends on the Web today and their impact on the visual and interaction design of Web applications.

Download the slides: Designing for Web 2.0 (2.1 MB PDF)

The specific trends I addressed:

  • The trend from locomotion to manipulation and conversation: how do we deal with crowded shelf space and purely digital services?
  • The trend from sites to content experiences: how do we design when search, content aggregators, and display surfaces rule the Web?
  • The trend from page-level interactions to rich-interactions: how can we explain available actions and their states?
  • The move from webmasters making content to everyone making content: what does this do to creative control and what’s the impact (both positive and negative) of community?

Official Description:

What does the growth of search, social apps, and participatory culture really mean for the practicing designer? What behaviors do designers need to address that they didn't before? Luke Wroblewski addresses these questions and more with an overview of important online trends and their impact on the visual and interaction design of Web services and products.

Much thanks to Berit, Henri, Siri, and the entire Yggdrasil team and conference for a great time in Norway.