Dogger: the Debate Blogger

by May 2, 2004

While exploring the various forms of dialogical engagement for a project on decision-making environments, I realized the blog format could benefit from the addition of structured dialog: enter Dogger -the debate blogger.

Dogger is a blog-style interface that allows two people to engage in a debate on any given topic. Dogger differs from the ability to comment on postings because it restricts the conversation to two pre-determined authors.

Each author has adequate time to develop his arguments and locate supportive evidence. Since Dogger follows blog conventions, authors can include links to the information they are using to back up their positions. The only restriction is that authors must wait their turn.

β€œThe aim is that alternative points of view can each be clarified and strengthened through such an engagement.”

β€œ[studies] have stressed the role of vigorous debate and argument as a basis for hewing defensible conclusions out of the raw material of opinion and speculation.”

This type of structured communication provides many advantages to an audience. They are presented two perspectives instead of one and can follow the sequence of point, counterpoint. This is quite difficult to do in the comment fields of blogs, because the conversation often goes in many directions.

Some applications for the field of interface design include two experts discussing the pros and cons of Progressive Disclosure; or debating the best way to create global products. The reader has a broader experience and the debate is archived as an educational resource for future visitors. Woof. woof.