Follow-ups: 02-07-2007

by February 7, 2007

Follow-up for The Minority Report Interface

“In this video, Jeff Han and Phil Davidson demonstrate how a multi-touch driven computer screen will change how we work and play with an interface, which responds not only to touch and gestures, but to varying degrees of pressure. Han flips photos across the screen, zooms in, throws them away, and calls up new ones, among a variety of other cool uses.” - Video: Remapping the Universe, Fast Company

Follow-up for Innovations in Search Result Pages

“…in my view, search is in its infancy, and we're just getting started. I think the most pressing, immediate need as far as the search interface is to break paradigm of the expectation of "You give us a keyword, and we give you 10 URL's". I think we need to get into richer, more diverse ways you're able to express their query, be it though natural language, or voice, or even contextually.” -Q&A With Marissa Mayer, Google Search Products & User Experience, Search Engine Land

Follow-up for Social Web Application Design

“These white papers attempt to capture and frame the issues and approaches particular to social interaction design (SxD for short).” - Social Interaction Design White Papers, Gravity7 (Thanks, Josh)