Design 2.0: Design, Technology, and the Future

by November 4, 2006

The third Design 2.0 event in Boston November 15th promises to continue the dialog about strategic design and innovation that began at the first two Design 2.0 events. The theme of this event is Design, Technology, and the Future.

As products and systems become smarter and more technologically imbued, the mandate of the designer is thrown into question. If we can make anything, what should we make? Discussed by a panel from the front lines:

  • John Maeda, MIT Media Lab
  • Natalie Jeremijenko, UCSD and ITP
  • Bill Cockayne, Change Research
  • Jason Pearson, GreenBlue
  • Allan Chochinov, Core77 will be moderating

Complete details can be found on the Core77 site and detailed write-ups of the last two Design 2.0 events are on Functioning Form: Products & Ecosystems (San Francisco), From Complexity to Clarity (New York). Hope to see you there.