Follow-ups: 08-21-2006

by August 21, 2006

Follow-up for: Strategy by Design

“I have thus been able to observe from first hand experience how the nature of strategy in the IT industry has changed over the last twenty five years. Most apparent is the increasing pace of change in information technologies and in the marketplace. Product cycles are now significantly shorter than in the early '80s, perhaps one-third the length they used to be. Everything is moving quite a bit faster.” -Some Personal Reflections on the Changing Nature of Strategy

Follow-up for: Web Application Form Design

“It is my argument that "It will take less time and effort to fill up the right aligned form in comparison with the left aligned one". Here's why.” -Why you should right align form labels?

“Forms act as a conduit for the main attraction of the site. The quicker the user can complete the forms and get to something they would rather be doing, the better.” -Form Design is Good Form

“I’ve recently realized that there’s only 2 types of forms. There are forms you use very often, and forms you only use occasionally. The frequency with which a particular form will be used should influence how it is designed.” -The Duality of Forms

Follow-up for: Interface Design Labors: Balance

“Of course you want your application to be powerful and of course you want it to be simple, but can you achieve both? There is a natural tension between these goals, but that tension is far from irreconcilable. You can achieve both power and simplicity through carefully balanced feature selection and presentation.” Powerful & Simple

Follow-up for: Design Research: A Conversation with Steve Portigal

"Exploring the nature of ethnographic inquiry, this paper suggests that “implications for design” may not be the best metric for evaluation and may, indeed, fail to capture the value of ethnographic investigations." -Implications of ethnography for design (PDF)