Design Magazines Online

by May 17, 2006

As the barriers to Web publishing continue to diminish, more design-focused publications are springing up online. Here’s a list of what I’ve come across. Drop me a note if there’s any good ones I missed.


A nonprofit Web magazine that delivers compelling content about developing effective user experience (UX) strategies and designing digital-product user experiences that optimally serve people’s needs and satisfy their desires. [my bi-monthly column about Communication Design]

Boxes & Arrows

Devoted to the practice, innovation, and discussion of graphic design, interaction design and information architecture, large and small. [my articles on Boxes & Arrows]

Digital Web Magazine

An online magazine intended for professional web designers, web developers and information architects.

Design in Flight

An online magazine devoted to art and design, be it graphic design, web design, illustration or architecture.


The Tokyo-based magazine about & Design and Making Things.

Design Interact

Directed toward information architects, designers and programmers, a combination of news and feature articles explore the creativity and technology necessary for the completion of successful interactive media projects. [my article on Design Interact]

UX Magazine

UX Magazine sets out to explore, promote & discuss the multiple facets of user experience one article at a time.

Creative Behavior

An online design magazine that provides design information for new media designers, graphic designers, creative people, and any of you who take a keen interest in the area of creative industry. [my article on Creative Behavior]

Clear: IID/AIGA Journal of Information Design

Information design makes complex information easier to understand and to use, and Clear is dedicated to informing, inspiring, and defining the rapidly growing discipline and its participants.

A List Apart

Explores the design, development, and meaning of web content, with a special focus on techniques and benefits of designing with web standards.


Designers, developers and entrepreneurs are energized, refueled and producing some mind-blowing projects. Vitamin is dedicated to that new web industry.

BusinessWeek Innovation & Design

Strategy, Creativity, and Research


A Web development magazine.

Reader Recommended

Evolt IA/Usability is a world community for web developers, promoting the mutual free exchange of ideas, skills and experiences. [thanks Nick]


Delivering design news, competitions, forums and links for designers and artists. [thanks Nick]

Speak Up

An author-based, reader-supported community devoted to graphic design open to conversation and dialogue. It stresses and questions the importance of the profession in our culture. [thanks Celia]

Creative Latitude

A worldwide community that unites various creative disciplines for collective promotion, education and ethical business practice. [thanks Cat]

SitePoint: Design & Layout

SitePoint is a fast growing online media company and information provider targeting the Web professional market, specifically Web Developers and Designers. [thanks Matthew]