Follow-ups: 03-23-2006

by March 23, 2006

Follow-up for: Social Application Design Methods

"Esther Dyson spoke some truth to power about users and control, telling attendees that not all user contributions are equal and not all users deserve equal consideration. She said too many companies are rushing in, not realizing how difficult building and operating community can be. She added, "The best check on bad behavior is identity." Meeting with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, he told her: "The most important thing we do is set the rules."

Follow-up for: Product Access Points

"Channing Dawson, a respected innovator from Scripps Networks, describes letting content flow "like water" to be wherever your viewer is, rather than working to drive that viewer back to the mothership. Good point. There's a reason Starbucks has two outposts directly across the street from each other on Market Street in San Francisco (probably NY, Seattle and DC too). Make it as convenient as possible for your customers or viewers to find and consume your product. Period." -Brightcove

Follow-up for: A New Kind of Media

"And now every company is a technology-enabled media company to some degree...and that means every company will be affected by the innovation coming out of Silicon Valley." -Silicon Valley Watcher