Follow-Ups: 11-15-05

by November 15, 2005

Follow up for DUX 2005 & Design Vision

Solid Vision: A Critical Element to UX Design -Jared Spool, UIE Brain Sparks

"As we continue our research into what separates those organizations successful at user experience design from those that struggle, we’ve found that a critical element lacking in the struggling organizations is vision."

Follow up for Web Application Solutions: A Designer’s Guide

Flash: what is it good for? (absolutely something!) -Jonathan Boutelle, Uzanto

"I just finished a HUGE Flash application (MindCanvas) that started out as an AJAX prototype, was developed in Flash, and then had part of the application converted back to AJAX. Whew! At this point, I feel like I can write with some authority on when to use Flash, and when to avoid using it. Flash has specific limitations, but so does AJAX, and it’s important above all to use the right tool for the job."

Follow up for Shaping Things Preview

Review: Bruce Sterling's Shaping Things -Dan Saffer, Adaptive Path

"Sterling goes into a discussion that should be of great interest to interaction designers about RFID tags ("arphids") and how, combined with monitors and wireless, they could form an internet of things, communicating with each other and the internet like a swarm. Really fascinating stuff."