Follow-Ups: 11-10-05

by November 10, 2005

Follow up for Web Links & Indication

Musings on Mouse Hover -Looks Good Works Well

Bill Scott, AJAX Evangelist at Yahoo! describes examples of mouse hovers for inline editing, rating, flagging, zoom & focus, and additional discovery of detail.

"Now that interactions are even more dense, the hover has become our friend to discoverability. We are introducing new idioms to the web space. Things like drag and drop and inline editability are not immediately expected. The hover can provide vital clues to the behavior of an application at the moment the user is curious about it. Hovers are also the lightest event for the user (they just move the mouse.)"

Follow up for DUX 2005 & Design Vision

Imagine, Make It Real in Fab Lab -Wired

Design vision will be increasingly important as personal fabrication systems enter offices and homes. Product development will be accessible to more and more people. As a result, incremental improvements and feature creep will no longer suffice. Product development will be a process of leapfrogging existing designs with disruptive ideas.

"Advocates of such "Fab Labs" think they have the potential to vastly expand the creative powers of tinkerers and usher in a revolution in do-it-yourself design and manufacturing that can empower even the smallest of communities."

Follow up for Investments in User Experience

The 10 Faces of Innovation -Tom Kelley, Fast Company

"The Experience Architect designs compelling experiences that go beyond mere functionality to connect at a deeper level with customers' latent or expressed needs. When Cold Stone Creamery turns the preparation of a frozen dessert into a fun, dramatic performance, it is designing a successful new customer experience. The premium prices and marketing buzz that follow are rewards associated with playing the role of the Experience Architect."