Video: You Are What You Measure

by April 17, 2023

Spending the time to get the right metrics affects so many things down the line. This one and a half minute clip from my Mind the Gap presentation shows why and outlines a way to align on the right metrics to track.


Let's say we decide to measure app downloads. Well, we start with a small promo, and then we test out another one. Oh, conversions on it are better. Well, we better keep both of them.

Then we add another promo, and installs went up again. So why not drop in more Ooh, and things get even better when we make them bigger. Pretty soon, you've become what you measure, a giant app install ad.

So please, spend the time working through what metrics to measure and why. Real quick, how to choose metrics.

First, we need to decide what change we actually want to see happen in the world. Next, we have to figure out how could we possibly measure that change. For each of these possibilities, write down what you think is going to happen if you start measuring it. What behaviors will you change? What actions will you take?

Next, rank that list by where you see the clearest impact. Then start actually tracking data for your top few, and see if it actually delivers the outcomes you thought it would. When you find a few that actually work for you, make sure to regularly and visibly track