Why Day 1 Retention Matters

by January 13, 2016

Given how few new apps people download on mobile and the steep drop-off within apps, getting Day 1 retention right is critical.

The reality of mobile apps is harsh. Most people don’t download new apps and once they do, abandonment is high.

reality of mobile app metrics

Given the cost the effort required to get people to download your app, Day 1 retention is a critical metric.

reality of mobile app metrics

Day 1 Retention is the fraction of people that return to your app one day after install. If you don't get Day 1 retention right, the rest really doesn’t matter.

most mobile apps are abandoned quickly

So how do you get Day 1 retention right? Spend [a lot of] time working through the first time experience for your apps. How can you get people to come back the next day? Get that over 50% and then you can tackle the next metric...