Interaction Design Retreat: After

by June 20, 2005

The Interaction Design Group’s (IxDG) purpose is to help improve the human condition by improving the quality of behavior of artifacts, environments, and systems. To this end, IxDG’s goal is to help Interaction Design practitioners (UI Designers, Web Designers, User Experience Designers, Information Architects, etc.) grow and flourish professionally by:

  • Helping practitioners understand how the design of behavior fits into existing design and development processes
  • Helping practitioners provide the highest possible value to stakeholders and users
  • Helping to foster a vibrant community and to facilitate knowledge exchange between members
  • Empowering and inspiring practitioners to discover, innovate, mentor, and evangelize the process, attributes, and results of Interaction Design

Thanks to David Heller, Lada Gorlenko, Carrie Ritch, Frank Ramirez, Lisa deBettencourt, Greg Petroff, Josh Seiden, Robert Reimann, Mauro Cavalletti, Dan Saffer, Kevin Narey, and Micah Alpern for a great retreat.