The Mobile Moment

by December 29, 2013

Things change for companies when the majority of their usage and traffic shifts from desktop to mobile devices. New processes, priorities, and product thinking are required to adapt. Don't wait too long to change as your company's mobile moment can come sooner than you think.

The Mobile Moment

  • Amazon: More than half of customers shopped using a mobile device during the 2013 holiday season. (source)
  • ESPN: 47.4 million people used mobile properties in September 2013, the first month ever in which more unique people visited ESPN mobile than (source)
  • Facebook: 101 million US daily mobile users make up 78% of its 128 million daily US users. (source)
  • Yelp: As of September 2013, 60% of all searches came from mobile. (source)
  • Twitter: 60% of users are on mobile. (source)
  • Weather Channel: registered 1.1 billion online page views in October 2011 and 1.3 billion page views on mobile devices. (source)
  • Spotify: mobile accounts for 52% of listening. (source)

Almost There...

  • YouTube: in October 2013, 40% of traffic is now on mobile. Last year it was 25%. (source)
  • CNN: mobile now accounts for 39% of's traffic, most of that from smartphones. (source)
  • LinkedIn: 38% of unique visitors come from mobile and in some markets, that surpassed 50%. The global mobile number will hit 50% within the next year. (source)