Data Monday: Mobile Email

by July 1, 2013

If there was ever a case study that showcased just how quickly mobile impacted online behavior, it's email. In just a few years mobile has overtaken desktop and webmail clients and changed when and where people read their email.

  • More than 20% of emails sent during the first six months of 2011 were opened on mobile devices. (source)
  • In February 2012, mobile overtook webmail client usage. (source)
  • As of March 2013 more email was read on mobile than on a desktop email clients or via webmail. (source)
  • 79% use their smartphone for reading email, a higher percentage than those who used it for making calls. (source)
  • 43% of mobile email users check email four or more times per day. (source)
  • The percentage of people that use on email on their smartphone is very different per country. Ranging from 75% in the last month in US, to 17% in India. (source)
  • 72% of the people tested in a MailChimp study read their emails in bed. (source)
  • 77% of participants reported that they check their email “everywhere” or “obsessively.” (source)
  • Other popular locations for reading email included on public transportation, out to eat, waiting in line, and more. (source)