Follow-Ups: 04-16-05

by April 16, 2005

Follow up for Innovations in Search Results Pages

Search Results Pages & Usability

The Future of Results Pages touches on the topic of whether or not we will be locked into the current way the search engines display the results on a page.

Clusty: Next-Generation Search Today

Clusty is a search site that uses Vivísimo's Clustering Engine to organize search results into folders grouping similar items together.

Report from Recent Innovations in Search BayCHI event

Summarizing the key themes that came out in the panel discussion / questions and answer session.

Follow up for Interface Designer: Generalist or Specialist?

Web Specialists, Web Generalists

For a Web designer, it’s why learning a bit about usability, information architecture and interface design is important.

Follow up for Single Screen Web Application Flows?

The Form Assembly

The Form Builder is a tool for creating standard compliant web forms. It integrates the wForms extension and relies on a set of technologies like XML, XMLHttpRequest, XSLT and DOM (a.k.a Ajax) to provide a seamless single-screen experience.