Data Monday: Best of 2012

by December 24, 2012

As we head into 2013, and leave a full year of Data Mondays behind us, here's the sets of data from 2012 you found most interesting.

Why Mobile Matters

Just in case some people remain unconvinced about the importance of mobile, here's a really vivid way of explaining the situation.

Are Tablets Mobile Devices?

Many organizations include tablets in their overall definition of "mobile" computing. But when you look at where and when tablets are being used today, they're much more "mobile in the home" than mobile.

As Tablet Size Decreases...

Though Apple's 9.7 inch iPad commands over 60% of all tablet sales worldwide, tablets of all sizes are emerging around globe. But as tablets get smaller people's use of the Web drops. Why?

Platform Acceleration

The rate at which new Internet services can grow has been accelerating dramatically over the years. What's changed? A new set of platforms to build on as these examples illustrate.

Login & Passwords

Despite being nearly ubiquitous online, username and password login screens are wrought with usability and security issues. Here's a small sample of how bad things are.

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