Data Monday: A Year From Now...

by December 12, 2011

Last month I looked at a few digital services that already have more traffic on mobile than other devices. Since then, a few other sites have stated they'll be there soon.

  • 15% of all YouTube consumption is via mobile devices. "If you’re looking forward in time and thinking at what point mobile devices might overtake other devices, we can be pretty certain that’s going to to be 2013 and if things keep going at the same rate it could be next year." (source)
  • StumbleUpon's mobile growth rocketed 800% in the last year. "Looking at our current growth rate, I wouldn't be surprised if a year from now, 40% to 50% of our usage is on mobile." (source)
  • 350 million of Facebook's 800 million monthly active users are on mobile devices. "A few years from now, most every single person at Facebook who works there is going to be working on mobile almost exclusively." (source)

Looks like the transition is well underway.