Functioning Form: 2004 Retrospective

by December 22, 2004

As 2004 winds down, we present a Functioning Form anniversary special: four of this year’s public and personal favorites.

Public Favorites (the most popular articles of 2004)

User Experience Comes in Threes

"The two or more overlapping circles that make up a Venn diagram are often used in mathematics to show relationships between sets. In the context of User Experience, however..."

Web-log Continuum Sparklines

"A simple Web-log post continuum sparkline could plot the current post a reader is viewing, the previous posts it references, and the later posts that reference it. This paints a picture of where the current post originated (what ideas it draws from), and where it went (how those ideas evolved)..."

Japanese Typography on the Web and Beyond

"Many of the typographic rules we've learned and broken must be restated or discarded as irrelevant..."

Personal Interface Definitions

"Think of them as application independent, individually defined, continually evolving visual and interaction design style sheets that maintain a common interface vocabulary for users..."

Personal Favorites

Employee Competency Matrix

"A recent exercise on scalable organizational models led me to develop an interesting way of visualizing individual and group strengths within product development organizations..."

The 7 Cs of Interface Design

"Successful interface design then, is based on a through understanding of how humans interact. In particular, how individuals communicate, accomplish tasks, form relationships and make sense of their surroundings..."

Evolution of Web Interface Designs

"Many researchers seem to suggest that the Web is mature enough that function and usability are no longer effective for differentiating products. Instead we need to look to disciplines like Persuasive and Emotional design to take us to the next level of Web interface designs..."

Beyond Surface Credibility Online

"In an online world full of Adware, Browser Hijackers, Dialers, Trojans, Drive-by Downloading, Viruses, Worms, Spam, and Phishers credibility is increasingly difficult to develop and maintain..."

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