Data Monday: Android & iPhone in the US

by July 18, 2011

For quite a while, the mobile story has been about the iPhone vs. an army of Android devices. So how's this story currently being told in the United States?

  • 6.6% of the US population has an iPhone. (source)
  • Apple has 20.4 million iPhone users in the US. Up from 12.1 million a year ago. (source)
  • 9.4% of the US population is using an Android phone. (source)
  • There are 29 million Android phones in use in the US. Up from 6.4 million a year ago. (source)
  • The proportion of new iPhone owners has jumped to 17% from 10% at the beginning of the year, while percentages of new Android phone owners has plateaued at 27%. (source)
  • Android still makes up the majority of new smartphone sales for customers who picked them up in the last three months, but interest in the platform has stopped growing for now. (source)
  • Apple's share of the U.S. smartphone market gained 12.3 percentage points to 29.5% in March 2011 while Android's share in the U.S. fell from 52.4% to 49.5% — its first sequential loss in any region of the world since early 2009. (source)
  • "The migration of subscribers to the iPhone on the Verizon network should accelerate this fall when Apple coordinates the launch of iPhone 5 on the GSM and CDMA networks." (source)
  • Verizon has 32% of the US iPhone 4 market. There was a big jump in Verizon iPhone 4 sales between May and June 2011. (source)