Follow Ups: 12-09-04

by December 9, 2004

Follow up for Creativity Abroad:

Offshoring Creativity Never mind the call centers. Look at the high-tech firms and markets in China and India, and worry about the emigration of innovation.

Follow up for Web-log Continuum Sparklines:

Sparkline PHP Graphing Library We aim to increase the adoption of sparklines on the web by providing a high-quality PHP sparkline library that is flexible, elegant, and (best of all) free.

Sparklines When we think about a graphic, like for example a bar or pie chart, we tend to consider them as auto consistent entities, separated from their environment be it textual or not. But this isn’t necessarily so or probably convenient either.

Follow up for The Natural Movement:

Ideas Stolen Right From Nature Now, as technological capability catches up with intellectual inspiration, biomimetics is starting to fulfill its potential.

Follow up for Traffic Engineering is Interface Design

Engage! By David Heller While I agree with Luke and his quote from Marc Rettig, I do believe that this conversation is much more subtle than the one on the roads. The road actually offers something that I believe is very hard to reproduce in UI design: affordance.