ERGOglider: Ergonomic Mousing System

by November 16, 2004

From the company that brought you Wardrobe Manager, Weather Clock, the Digi-cube format, and Dogger comes ERGOglider: an ergonomic arm rest and motion system designed to reduce repetitive stress while maintaining a complete range of fluid mouse operations.

Arm support is the best way to eliminate significant stress from your back, arms, and shoulders while computing. The reduction of strain on the arm decreases muscular tightness and fatigue that most individuals experience when using the mouse or keyboard. ERGOglider’s patented (patent no: 5,829,721) motion system provides 360 degrees of fluid motion so you retain a full range of motion without compromising crucial arm support.

ERGOglider also removes the burden of mouse positioning from your wrist, allowing you to “steer” with your shoulder, elbow and forearm. This significantly reduces the repetitive wrist motions that can lead to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. So next time you have a extended stay in front of your computer: don’t stress, glide.