Event: Washington DC UPA

by August 24, 2010

The Washington DC Chapter of the Usability Professionals' AssociationOn September 16th 2010, I'll be giving a presentation on The Impact of Social Models at a meeting of The Washington DC Chapter of the Usability Professionals' Association. In my talk, I'll provide an overview of the different ways social relationships are modeled in online software and examine if these distinct approaches result in different online behavior.

Official Description

As Richard Farson’s truism “no one smokes in church no matter how addicted” points out, context informs almost everything that happens in an environment. Online social experiences are no exception.

How a product’s social model is set up can impact not only who contributes, but how much, and why. From permission-based subscriptions to one-click follows, Luke will discuss the attributes and implications of several popular social models by looking at data and behavior in the Web’s most popular social applications.

Hope to see some of you there!