Data Monday: Apple's Mobile Stats

by June 7, 2010

In his opening keynote at Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference (WWDC), Steve Jobs shared several interesting data points about Apple's position in the mobile market.

  • Apple is selling one iPad every 3 seconds. The iPad will be available in 19 countries by July. (source)
  • There are now 8,500 iPad apps in the app store. These 8,500 apps have been downloaded over 35 million times. That's about 17 apps per iPad. (source)
  • The iPad app Elements earned more in the first day of sales than it did in the past 5 years of Google ads on their Web site. (source)
  • 22% of eBook sales are through iBooks. (source)
  • Apple gets about 15k app submissions a week. They come in up to 30 different languages. 95% of all apps submitted are approved within 7 days. (source)
  • Apples gives 70% of app revenue to developers. To date they have paid over a billion dollars to developers. (source)
  • This month Apple we will sell their 100 millionth iOS device: iPads, iPhones, iPod touch. (source)
  • Apple has 150 million credit card accounts active through iTunes. (source)