Touch Gesture Diagrams

by April 22, 2010

Touch Gesture Reference Guide

Touch Gesture Reference GuideThese visual representations are not designed to teach people how to make touch gestures. They're abstract enough to be used in documentation but still reference physical actions.

Open Source Gesture Library

Open Source Gesture LibraryGestureWork's open source gesture framework allows developers to customize and extend the “gesture object,” creating support for new gestures.


GesturconsAn icon language to describe natural user interface gestures that uses a a simplistic graphic design language to represent the actions by a user.

Touchscreen Stencils

Touchscreen StencilsA set of drawings of hands performing common touchscreen gestures like tap, slide, point, drag, pinch, and spread from Kicker Studio.

FingerWorks User's Guide

FingerWorksAnimated gesture tutorials and static hand gesture guides from FingerWorks -the company Apple acquired several years before releasing the iPhone.

BumpTop Multi-Touch Gestures

BumpTop Multi-Touch GesturesRepresentational images of the multi-touch gestures available in the BumpTop product.

Apple Multi-Touch Trackpad gestures

Multi-Touch glass trackpad Trackpad gestures that work in certain applications in Apple's OSX operating system.

Magic Mouse Multi-Touch gestures

Magic Mouse Multi-Touch gesturesThe Multi-Touch area allows you to scroll in any direction with one finger, swipe through web pages and photos with two, and click and double-click anywhere.

User-Defined Gestures for Surface Computing

User-Defined Gestures for Surface ComputingPresents a complete user-defined gesture set, implications for surface technology, and a taxonomy of surface gestures.

Gestures in Windows 7 for Multi-touch

Gestures in Windows 7 for Multi-touchThe Touch Gestures are the basic actions you use to interact with Windows or an application using touch.

Windows Phone Gesture Overview

Gestures in Windows 7 for Multi-touchProvides a detailed reference for the touch gestures supported in Windows Phone 7, usage, and behavior.

Wacom Bamboo Gestures

Wacom Bamboo GesturesAn interactive tutorial that will help you practice and become familiar with each gesture.