Event & Discount: UIE Virtual Seminar

by April 16, 2010

On Thursday, April 22, 2010 I’ll be presenting a UIE Virtual Seminar titled Answered! Your Top Questions on Web Form Design. In it, I'll be tackling the Web form design questions I get asked the most. Specifically: "How long should my form be? Is it best to break my form into multiple steps? Can I use a two-column design? How do I handle international addresses?" and more.

If you are interested in going, feel free to use the discount code: LUKEW for lifetime access to the seminar recording at no extra cost.

Presentation Preview

Official Description

Web forms are the linchpin to a user's engagement with your design. All too often these forms, the last and most important step in a user's journey, are poorly thought out or crafted. It's common to struggle with forms—knowing exactly how to design it so the user doesn't abandon it.

How long should your form be? Is it best to break a form into multiple steps? What are the considerations for a two-column design? How do you handle international addresses? These are just a few examples of what countless others have wrestled with in their form design. You are not alone.

When it comes to form design, we turn to one of the foremost experts in this area, Luke Wroblewski. Luke will share his treasury of common form challenges and their solutions. He'll divulge 6 important aspects of web form design that everyone wants to know more about.

It's a struggle to find good forms. Sometimes it's hard to tell when you make mistakes with your own. Are you creating a web form that encourages abandonment or captures bad data? Join us for this seminar and you will be able to confidently answer the toughest questions about your own design. You'll understand where to place action buttons, in what order, and when to combine them with links. In capturing your users' information, you'll learn how to create field that allow them to choose how to populate it, and in a form that doesn't ask for unrecognizable pieces of data.

Hope to have some of you there!